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Ivan Jenek is aged 23 and lives in Prague. This handsome str8 guy is a student who enjoys sports, swimming and fitness. He looks very good indeed as he sits on the sofa for his interview. Then Ivan leans back and begins to rub his body.

He raises his tee shirt to show off some skin, and opens his jeans. As the tee shirt is lifted up we see that Ivan has a very hot body. He bares the chest as his hands continue to roam over the body and into the jeans. Sliding the jeans down some releases Ivan's cock which he rubs and soon gets very hard.

He wanks on that cock and then removes the jeans completely. Then he takes some oil and rubs it all over his sexy body as his cock stays hard. Leaning back he takes more oil, dripping it onto his cock, and wanks some more.

With his legs spread wide apart he wanks as we also enjoy his ass crack. Then he raises his legs and really exposes that ass and the tight hole. Ivan reaches for, and rubs the sexy ass cheeks as the camera in close in on that hot hole. Ivan then stands up and turns to the side to wank his throbbing cock.

The balls are so tight as he wanks and soon he dumps his hot cum onto the floor. Ivan milks that cock dry and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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