Troy Admiral And Zane Douglas Fuck

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Troy Admiral and Zane Douglas are horny and eager to bust a nut, but they’re just as eager to get into each other’s pants, pulling off their clothes and revealing those big dicks.

Their cocks push together gently as they make out and Zane takes a seat on the bed to get a taste of Troy’s sweet meat, grabbing that dick between his soft lips as he tugs on Troy’s balls. Zane plays with himself as his mouth fills with Troy’s member, but then Troy gets Zane on all fours on the bed so he can get at that ass, spreading Zane apart as he rims and licks on Zane’s tight hole.

Zane’s hole is coated with Troy’s spit and Troy lines up his prick with that wet hole, pushing himself into Zane and fucking him nice and deep, slapping Zane’s ass while he fills him up.

Troy gets on the bed with Zane, lying back and letting Zane take over for a while as he rides Troy’s dick, his hips moving up and down as he takes every last inch of Troy’s dick. Pushing him forward, Troy fucks him harder as Zane reaches down to jerk himself off, tugging on his hard cock until he explodes all over and the sight of that hot cum pushes Troy over the edge of ecstasy, pulling out to bust a nut!

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