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Erik Honak is a good looking str8 guy from Brno. He is aged 26 and is in employment. In his spare time he enjoys sports, ice-hockey, fitness.He sits on the edge of the bed as he does his interview. Then starts his show. He strips to his boxers and lays on the bed feeling his sexy chest.

He gropes his cock in the shiny boxers as the other hand runs over his chest. The cock seems to be getting hard as he feels it. Then Erik pushes down the boxers, taking them off, and releases his big cock. It is rock hard and he takes hold of it and begins to wank. His fit body looks so good as he wanks the big cock, slowly. The wanking pulls on the balls moving them up and down. Then Erik moves onto his knees and shows off his ass as the big balls hang between his legs.

He reaches back to rub that sexy ass parting the cheeks to show off the tight hole. Laying down again he wanks that big cock for a while. He soon speeds up the wanking a little and that big cock releases the hot, creamy, cum which runs over his hand and onto his belly. Then Erik goes off to the shower to clean up.

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