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The sight of Wadsworth has got Butler so horny he’s rolled himself over, humping away at that
couch. From the way the man’s grinding, it won’t be much longer before he loses that load he’s
been working on so hard. And with fantasy material like Dean Coulter and Mike Roberts, Butler won’t have long to wait. Roberts is tied to a wrought-iron bed, wearing a spandex hood and a pair of gym shorts. Roberts is big. Beefy. Hairy all over. He’s thick and hard from head to toe – just the way Coulter likes ‘em.

Kneeling in a black jock, he kisses Roberts through the hood, chewing on his meaty tits, sucking on his furry, hard six-pack, working his way south to munch on the fat package filling out Roberts’ shorts. Coulter gets up, untying Roberts, pulling the hood off and leading him onto the bed. Roberts climbs onto Coulter, kissing that handsome, dark goatee, sucking his dick. Roberts yanks off Coulter’s jock and pulls off his own shorts. Roberts stuffs his heavy nuts into Coulter’s mouth, pulls them out and stuffs his big uncut dick down his throat.

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